Think you were pretty good on the monkey bars? Alex Megos has been climbing since he was six and has sent some of the world’s hardest routes – and he’s not done yet…

Rotpunkt is German for ‘redpoint’. It’s a climbing term that describes an ascent using ropes, ‘beta’ and your own bare hands. Basically, it means you climbed the route in one clean go, after a bunch of practice.

Funnily enough, this isn’t how people have always climbed – it used to be fine to take tools up, rest and even bash metal pitons into the cracks to stand on.

The idea of trying to redpoint a climb was born out of Frankenjura, a climbing mecca in Germany that just happens to be very close to where Alex Megos grew up.

Now the bloke is 26 and taking on some of the hardest climbs in the world. This 50 minute film from the legends at Patagonia gives an insight into Alex’s mentality, along with a cheeky history lesson (including the orign of rotpunkt) and of course, lots of gnarly climbing.