Check out Subpod, a below-ground composting system that will revolutionise the way you compost yo’ scraps. 

We love nothing more than getting out into the unexplored corners of the natural world, but our backyards can be places of exploration too. Even the soil beneath your feet is teeming with diverse life. Why not nurture it?

We’ve just raised enough money to preserve the precious habitat of cassowaries and hundreds of threatened species in the Daintree. But there’s a way you can help protect and create a habitat for the overlooked species right at your back door as well. All the while reducing your carbon footprint as you lower your food waste. Tell me more! I hear you scream. Alright, alright! Here’s the goss. 

Our mates at Subpod have created a below-ground composting system that helps create a greenspace for the wriggly worms in your soil, without removing them from their home. Team up with worms and microbes to create a thriving garden, powered by food waste, that feeds you and builds habitat for the critters at your doorstep. The Subpod design allows worms to wriggle in, eat their fill and wriggle out again, to add nutrients to the rest of your garden. 

The below-ground nature of the Subpod means that the compost is naturally insulated, ensuring there’s no gross smells or unwelcomed pests, and allows plants to be constantly fertilised at the root level, right where they absorb their nutrients. It also doubles as a garden seat. Win-win-win! 

Subpod is currently funding their project through Kickstarter and have already smashed their goal of $55,000. So for the last week of their campaign, they’re offering up to 29% off all pre-ordered Subpod rewards and will plant two trees on your behalf with their friends at One Tree Planted. How good! 

Go check it out! Happy composting.

Feature photo courtesy of Subpod