Reel Rock Climbing Film Festival is bringing all of its sendy goodness to Australia and New Zealand!

Do you like climbing? Obviously.

Do you like film festivals? Of course you do. 

Well you’re in bloody luck! The Reel Rock Climbing Film Festival is coming to a theatre near you! And it’ll get you all fired up to get back onto the wall. 

Every year since 2005, Reel Rock has been bringing short films about the great sport of climbing to hundreds of locations all over the world. And the film fest will be hitting Australian and New Zealand shores from the beginning of November.

The film fest will be premiering in Aus on November 5th at the Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace. There are over 50 cinemas in Aus and 18 in NZ hosting the film fest, so there’s sure to be a big-screen close by where you can watch people absolutely send it. 

This year’s films include the story of Nina Williams, who climbs boulders up to 50ft high without a rope, the tale of a Utah town full of coal miners, cowboys and climbers, who don’t always see eye-to-eye and the race to be the fastest climber up the 3000ft Nose of El Capitan. Sounds damn good!

Tickets are on sale now! You won’t want to miss this! Go go go!


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