We’re all for getting out there, trying new adventure sports and trekking fresh paths. But sometimes, it’s reaaaal nice to just camp by the beach and chill out with some kangaroos. Cave Beach in the Booderee National Park has got you covered. 


  • Only a three hour drive from Sydney
  • No car camping neighbours
  • Classic beach experience location in a national park

Q: What’s the one thing that can spoil the gorgeous white sand beaches of the NSW south coast?

A: People!

Yep, no matter when you go, most of those comely stretches of shore will have to be shared with other humans – be they noisy families, feral teens or grumpy old folk. So what can you do? Well, for Explorers like us, there’s one sure-fire way to cut out a good portion of unwanted neighbours – find a camping beach that’s more than 50m from a carpark! Yes, even a mild walk will deter many people from ferrying their family tents, generators and Weber barbecues to your doorstep.

One such convenient yet beautiful spot is Cave Beach in Booderee National Park, in the southern part of Jervis Bay Territory (technically a dislocated enclave of the ACT, but that’s another story), where the relative solitude is well worth the small camping fee (20 bucks each). From the carpark, the flat, grassy site is a mere 10 minute walk (300m) and has toilets, cold showers, gas and wood barbecues and fire pits. Oh, and kangaroos. Lots of kangaroos.

Ditch The Crowds // Cave Beach (ACT), Dan Slater, camp, kangaroos, mob, grass, tent

When we arrived, a mob of them were taking turns snaffling fruit from someone who had ill-advisedly left their weekend’s supplies unattended in their tent porch. Attempts to dissuade the roos by shouting and feigning attack were met with utter disinterest, so inured were they to human presence. Indeed, back at the car park we’d seen a gaggle of tourists petting and feeding them, some after blindly using the disabled parking space. *sigh*

The beach though – perfect! This wide, pristine stretch of sand, with a curious little cave in the cliffs at the near end, is the perfect location to spend all weekend doing classic Aussie beach stuff – snorkelling, swimming, fishing, walking, making sandcastles. A hassle-free weekend awaits you at Cave Beach, and don’t forget to explore the rest of Booderee National Park while you’re there.

Ditch The Crowds // Cave Beach (ACT), Dan Slater, cave, beach, shadow, man, sky

Essential Gear

  • Reasonably lightweight camping setup
  • Walking shoes
  • Kangaroo repellent
  • Bucket and spade

How To Get There

Take the A1 as far as Tomerong, maybe stop off in Huskisson to pick up some last-minute supplies, then head on into Jervis Bay Territory via Naval College Rd. Call in at Booderee Visitor Centre to get some ideas for your stay (no need to pay park entry fees if you booked camping online, they’re included), then continue south on Jervis Bay Rd, then Cave Beach Rd.


  • Swimming
  • Exploring Booderee National Park
  • Barbecuing
  • Making sandcastles

Skill Level

0. Zero. Zilch. 


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