About Us

We spread the power of outdoor adventure to everyday explorers in Australia and New Zealand.

Escape. Adventure. Exploration. We all crave the new and the novel, it’s the antidote. Now, more than ever, when the wonders of the natural world sit virtually within our lounge rooms, we crave authenticity. Real immersion, true wonder, a challenge worth writing home about.

We Are Explorers is a movement. We celebrate the new counter-culture: the wackos who cross deserts looking only for themselves; the rat-race escape artists, with their middle fingers raised to the 9 to 5; and the everyday explorers, searching out new experiences to turn into memories.

We’ve got a taste of the power and excitement of the outdoors and we want to spread it far and wide.

Here’s how we’re gonna do it:

We’re Accessible

For many people, discovering the outdoors is an awakening. We Are Explorers is an inclusive community, built on supporting and fuelling each other’s stoke. Whilst we give our readers the credit to understand more complicated ideas and shit puns, we’ll say it in layman’s terms, no need to get nerdy.

We’re Authentic

We go on the adventures. Our contributor network is an incredible crew who scour the planet for the the freshest new locales. This also extends to the gear we use and the brands we partner with, if we wouldn’t trust it in the bush, you won’t see it on our site.

We’re Self-Aware

More people are heading into the wild than ever before, and that’s not gonna stop if we just shut up shop tomorrow. We Are Explorers is committed to inspiring the new wave of adventurers to care for their wild places and helping them to minimise their impact. We acknowledge that this land on which we tread, whilst beautiful and revered by us, has even deeper layers of significance for its Traditional Owners and we pay our respects.

We’re Frothing

Some say that it’s not the destination, it’s the journey; so why not have a bit of fun while you’re at it?! We Are Explorers is built by a community of frothers who know the outdoors is a whopping great playground. We love all kinds of outdoor shenanigans: from rafting to riding, snorkelling to skiing, we want to get amongst it, traverse it and get on top of it.

We’re Inspired

We’re inspired by you: by every adventurer challenging no-one but themselves; by the dirtbags living out of vans; the amateur botanists and the camp chefs; the outdoor educators and those willing to learn. Most of all, we’re all asking the same burning question…

“What’s next?”



Meet The Crew

Henry Brydon


Founder of We Are Explorers, he's always on the rummage for fresh experiences, adventure and all round soul nourishment. He rode a push bike from London to Sydney over two years in search of the ultimate adventure; a 38,000km journey through 30 countries that showed him the beauty of the world and the relieving qualities of chafage cream.

Tim Ashelford


Tim's a trail runner, rock climber and surfer who's stoked that he gets to pull together stories of adventure from around Australia each week for We Are Explorers. He's passionate about inspiring people to challenge themselves outdoors and build their love for the environment and real experiences.

Jonathan Tan

Social Media Coordinator

Adventure called Jono at a young age and he very obligingly answered (probably on his Nokia flip). Having lived in all parts of the world spanning from Australia to Oman, his love for adventure developed at a young age. His passion for documenting his experiences lead to him picking up a camera and rumour has it that it hasn’t left his hands since. When he’s not out exploring somewhere out of cellular reach, he’s probably somewhere within cellular reach planning his next adventure.

Mattie Gould

Content Editor

Mattie spends most of his time on two wheels, enjoying the rad selection of trails around his home town of Canberra. Off the bike, he can be found searching for the stoke on his skateboard, surfboard, snowboard, slackline and any other shredding device he can lay his hands on. Mattie loves documenting his adventures with paper and pen, occasionally going digital with laptop and camera.

Olivia Burton

Event Producer

Liv is an eco-writer, producer, science grad & ocean lover. After moving from London to Sydney, she found her devotion to the outdoors, which led her to start writing about sustainability. She now splits her time between several not-for-profit organisations, traveling & attempting to surf tiny waves.

Rachel Lewis

Content Editor

Despite being unquestionably hydrophillic from a young age, Rachel can never quite decide which she likes best: the ocean or the woods. She's passionate about wellbeing and knows that we're all tied up in each other's as well as the planet's. That's why every project she works on connects people with each other and with nature. When she's not out documenting swimming holes for Wild Swimming Australia or curating content for We Are Explorers, she's bound to be immersed in water somewhere, somehow.

Amy Fairall

Assistant Editor

Since her first overseas trip to the tiny island nation of Kiribati, Amy has been hankering to discover all of the lesser-known places. An avid environmentalist, Amy is passionate about doing her part to keep nature wild and preserve it for the next gen of adventurers (and this one too, let’s be real). She’s most content driving through unfamiliar towns and terrain and gets anxious when she’s away from the coast for more than a couple of days.

Ashlee Kehoe-Sporton

Outdoor Reporter

Ashlee is an adventurer in every sense of the word. For the past year she has been in the outback, exploring all this country has to offer. A keen surfer, snowboarder and skater, she has a penchant for ending up in extreme situations and loves nothing more than getting out there and having a crack. A passionate writer and photographer, Ashlee aims to inspire others to get out there and experience Australia.

Brooke Nolan

Feature Writer & Outdoor Reporter

Brooke Nolan is a writer from the UK who's made Sydney her home. She's happiest up a mountain under the stars and is a firm believer that nature and adventure is the medicine needed for a better world. She writes about dirtbags doing good over on her website, The Dirty Do-Gooders.

Jack Brookes

Outdoor Reporter

Jack’s a photographer from the bottom of Australia yet he's pointed his camera at scenes all over the globe. From the chaotic streets of Beijing and Tokyo to islands in the Indian and Pacific Ocean that barely make a dot on the map. He’s most stoked when brewing coffee in his camper van after watching the sunrise.

Adrian Mascenon

Featured Explorer

Adrian Mascenon is a born and bred Sydney Photographer. Shooting professionally since 2012, it all began when as a child, he picked up the old camera that his grandfather took with him in, and out, of WW2. Ever since then, photography became not only just about capturing the way light creates a beautiful, never to be repeated moment in time, but how that moment in time can hold so much importance as to send a message powerful enough to move people.

Dan Parkes

Featured Explorer

Dan Parkes is a bushy based in South East Queensland. He spends his downtime out bush, off track and in search of spectacular rock formations, high peaks and the opportunity to spot and photograph various snakes and birdlife.

Danielle Said

Content Producer

Having a mechanic for a father meant Danielle spent most of her childhood tinkering around a workshop. It's no surprise that getting around on something with a motor is her preferred mode of transport. She spent 3 weeks riding around Northern Vietnam completing the Ha Giang Loop and is planning her next 2 wheel adventure in-between producing adventure and travel video content for We Are Explorers.

Ellie Keft


Ellie has maintained a healthy love-hate relationship with study in recent years, graduating with a varied cocktail of qualifications. To keep her sane, Ellie peppers her work-study life by volunteering as a surf lifesaver and working and hiking all over the world; Annapurna Circuit in Nepal, 12-day Northwest Circuit on Stewart Island in NZ, Mt Kilimanjaro summit- you name it, she’ll try it.

Jacquie Tapsall

Featured Explorer

As an explorer, adventurer and photographer, Jacquie spends her weekends in search of breathtaking natural places to share with others. Her Brisbane-based project, Hit the Road Jac, is a guide to seeing South-East Queensland in a completely different light.

Joel Johnsson

Featured Explorer

A born neophile with a love of spontaneous adventure, Joel can be found on any given weekend (and many given weekdays) exploring some new canyon, beach or waterfall. Given that his day-job is saving the world from climate change, he’s one person we think needs to spend more time in the office. Regardless, he seems constantly on the verge of throwing it all in and opening a hammock bar in Tahiti.

Lachie Thomas

Featured Explorer

Having grown up on the fringes of the Victorian High Country, Lachie has spent his life skiing, trail running, hiking and most recently slack lining. Every possible moment is spent as far from the city as he can get, pushing ever deeper into the backcountry in search of hidden spots.

Liam Hardy

Featured Explorer

Liam is a 22 year-old photographer who spends his time off exploring the lush surrounds of Northern NSW and South East Queensland, camera in hand. He feels most at home around a warm camp fire under a starry night sky. His love for adventure and photography go hand in hand, pushing him to visit new and exciting places as often as possible.

Lisa Owen

Featured Explorer

Lisa is a passionate adventurer, hiker, nomad and writer. A public relations professional and travel blogger Monday to Friday, but by the time the weekend rolls around, Lisa ditches the corporate world for her hiking boots and sets out to discover the best off track trails across Queensland and New South Wales.

Mike Pidgeon

Featured Explorer

A proper English adventure seeker and outdoor connoisseur currently living in Sydney. With a yearning for all things wild I feel at home out and about and discovering new places and taking the occasional photo.

Neil & Gabby Massey

Featured Explorers

Neil and Gabby met while rock climbing and have been egging each other on to bigger and better adventures ever since. They share their love for the outdoors – climbing, hiking, cycle-touring and foraging – through words (Gabby) and images (Neil). Their biggest challenge remains packing enough red wine and chocolate to last a trip.

Pat Corden

Featured Explorer

Pat is an Australian-based outdoor adventure & lifestyle photographer. After completing university, he said sayonara to Australia with only a backpack, a one-way ticket to Patagonia, 20-hours of Spanish podcasts. Over the course of a year, two friends and he rode motorbikes from the bottom of South America to the top. From a 24-day trek through the Andes and climbing 6,000m peaks to living on a remote beach in huts made of driftwood for a month, the year was everything they could have hoped for… x10. Returning from a year of travel, he promptly dove head first into photography and got back to exploring our wild places.

Rachel Dimond

Featured Explorer

Outdoor enthusiast and hobby photographer. I live for the weekend. I run on mountain time. I see the magic in our world. Always choosing adventure ✨ I revel in the challenges the natural world presents and cherish inspiring others to pursue them.

Saphira Schroers

Featured Explorer

Saphira is a biology graduate with a love for wildflowers, coastlines, and mountains. Solo multi-day hikes are her favourite, but she loves all kinds of outdoor pursuits, including climbing and rogaining. She particularly enjoys experiencing the wilderness through the lens of eco-philosophy and eco-literature.

Scout Hinchliffe

Featured Explorer

For some, adventure is a fresh pair of underwear, a different pub on a Friday night or a new pizza topping. For Scout, the experience usually involves her fellow mountain mover & ocean groover, their VW campervan, surfboards, mountains and all other cool sh*t along the way.

Tiffany Hulm

Featured Explorer

A small town country girl with a big, fat passion to explore and to inspire others to see the world. Currently rolling around her homeland in a van she calls 'The Cream Dream' in search of waterfalls, wineries and all things wildly wonderful.

Yasmin Maher

Featured Explorer

Yasmin is a teacher and photographer living on the mid north coast of NSW, Australia. When she's not out camping, hiking or taking photos, she can be found teaching the next generation to be creative and environmentally aware.